Zibosoft Telephone Voice Recording System Software TVRS Download


TVRS Download


enlightenedZS -TVRS Version 312E98-8(for 8 times compress card in 64 bits Windows PC):

         For ZS4500C/4516A/D5000/D5430 /D6016/D6430   ( with new orange dongle mark 20230515, or 20231215)



enlightened ZS -TVRS Version 312E52-2  (for 2 times compress card in 64 bits Windows PC)

         For ZS3308/3316/3208  ( with new orange dongle mark 20230515, or 20231215)



        Software 3.12E50-2 if poup up tips " xxxxx Card Key Number 65535”,  install MICROSOFT VC:

        VC_redist.x64 download link  http://www.zibosoft.com/download/VC_redist.x64.zip



enlightenedZS-U2100/3002 ( 1 and 2 port USB voice logger




enlightened   ZS-U2104/U2108 ( 4 and 8 port USB voice logger




2010 to May. 2023  (Follow TVRS is for  the card got from us from 2010  to May 2023) 

 // if the USB keypro date before 2010,  please contact us to send the matching version to you

enlightenedZS -TVRS version 3.12E91(8  times compress card):

             For ZS4500A/ZS4500C/D5000/D5430 /D6016/D6430   with  orange dongle(20200515)



enlightenedZS-3208/ZS-3108/ZS3016  (2 rate compress card) with  orange dongle(20200515)



enlightened  ZS-2108(red dongle)



enlightenedRecord player :








Software Upgrade step:

1.  Backup the before MDR floder

3.  Uninstall the TVRS, then install the new version

4.  if before used the TVRS is 3.12E version, can copy the backup floder file(Indexmain.mdb,Channel.mdb,
     past and cover the new file

5.  Running the Recorder.exe, checking and player the before voice file.

NOTE: the different version software maybe the database is can't use with in new version, if you need use before
             database, can send it to our enginner, them will help you import to new database.