Standalone Analog Telephone Recorder with hard disk (G8100 serials)


 G8100 serials standalone analog telephone recorder built in WEB software. WEB client system adopts the B/S architecture. It is easy to manage the standalone recorder, easy to operate, feature-rich, cross platform, cross-browser access and support smart phones and tablet access.


Store the calls files in the  hard disk

Real time monitor each channel status

Search according to different conditions,

Play back the voice files

Download the voice files

FTP Backup/SMB backup  the voice files to the local PC or network server.


Analog Standalone phone voice recorder

analog standalone recorder connection

Built-in WEB software:

Login the device on the Browser (Chrome/Firefox /IE…browser):

e.g. Computer’s IP  and device’s IP are in the same network segment (LAN):

Open the browser, input the device IP address, press “Enter” and It will access the device web software.



G 8108-L (8 port with 1TB hard disk)

G8116  (16 port with 1TB hard disk)

G8132  (32 port with 1TB hard disk)